Saturday, 5 April 2014

Sean Healy Ceremony, Annual 1916 Easter Commemoration

On Easter Monday, 2014, the Sean Healy Slua, Dublin, will be holding a wreath laying ceremony for Sean 'the boy' Healy who was shot dead by a British Soldier delivering dispatches through Dublin's City on the Tuesday of Easter Week, 1916.

Assemble: The Garden of Remembrance at 12:45pm for march to Doyle's Corner.

Chair: Fergal Moore.

Wreath laying: Sean Dolan.

Oration: Fian Jamie Mullen.

Followed by a reading of the Proclamation by Sean Dolan and then a march back to the Garden of Remembrance in which the Sean Healy Slua will be assembling once again to march to the GPO for Republican SF's National Easter Commemoration.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Na Fianna Éireann Dublin Slua now recruiting

The Dublin Slua of Na Fianna Éireann is now recruiting.

Learn to drill, to march, to hold yourself with dignity and pride and learn to love your country. Commemorate our patriot dead, go on fun and educational trips, go to protests and pickets and work on alternatives and solutions to the ongoing problems and foreign influence over our country that has it in ruins.

If you would like to join the Dublin Slua of Na Fianna, send your details; Name, age, location and contact information

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

So who are Na Fianna now affiliated to?

Na Fianna have nothing got to do with the Provisional Movement, the Provisional Movement is now a reformist party that we no longer march for or associate ourselves with. We are a Revolutionary Youth Movement seeking to bring an end to British occupation, partition and to bring about a free and socialist Republic. We recognise the right of the Irish people to resist British occupation in arms by controlled and disciplined force to bring about the new Republic. 

The only political and militant groups we are behind(show solidarity to) today is Republican SF and the Continuity Army Council(CIRA).

Get behind Na Fianna Éireann, the future of your land!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Republican SINN FÉIN Poblachtach and the Republican Movement Commemorates Fergal O'Hanlon

Colour Party member and member of Na Fianna
Today, January 12, 2014 Republican SINN FÉIN Poblachtach held their annual Fergal O' Hanlon Commemoration in Monaghan, Ireland.

The march was led by a lone piper and a Colour Party of the Republican Movement and also a member of Na Fianna Éireann took part.

A wreath was laid by Matt Conway of Republican Sinn Féin and a dipping of the flags was given by the Colour Party in honour of Fergal O'Hanlon.
A section of the crowd in attendance

The commemoration was chaired by Fergal Moore, Co- Vice-President of Republican Sinn Féin and an inspiring oration was delivered by Co-Vice-President, Cait Trainor.

Fergal O'Hanlon was a brave young man who fought and died for the Republic with his comrade-in-arm's, Seán South. We must be inspired by the gallant men of that generation and carry on their dream that still has not been fulfilled.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Na Fianna expanding at an increasing rate

Na Fianna Eireann, Ireland’s dedicated revolutionary scout movement is expanding at an increasing rate.

Boys and Girls, dedicated to the achievement of a united 32 county democratic socialist Irish Republic, are trained in all the skills of scouting.  But this is not enough.  Realising that the youth of today, will be the leaders of tomorrow, the leadership of Na Fianna strive to educate new members in the complex history of our island, and in our native culture which, in language, music, song and dance gives us an identity shared by no other country in the world.

New recruits are always welcome and anyone wishing to join should contact:

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Republican Movement Commemorates Dáithí Ó Conaill

Andy Connolly & Peig King
Na Fianna member and Officer
On January 1, 2014 Members of the Dublin slua of Na Fianna marched behind a colour party to the grave of Dáithí Ó Conaill. The commemoration was well attended by members and supporters of the Republican Movement in Dublin.

The proceedings were chaired by Andy Connolly(Sinn Féin Poblachtach) and a decade of the rosary was recited as Gaeilge by Paddy Ennis and Séan Ó Sé played a lament as the flags were being dipped.

The main oration was delivered by Rsf Ard Chomhairle member Peig King. During her oration she mentioned how herself and Dáithí had met.

'We met through our local Sinn Féin Cumann, all members working together to help our fellow Irish men and Women in Ulster. During this period i was asked to assist the re-organisation of Cumann Na mBan and meetings between IRA and Cumann Na mBan led me to further contact with Dáithí Ó Conaill where I learned a lot about this courageous man. Dáithí was proud of Cumann Na mBan and the work they took on and did willingly.'

Colour Party and Na Fianna
There will be a full report on the commemoration in this month's SAOIRSE Newspaper.

You can purchase this paper at 223 Parnell Street, Dublin for 2 or you can also purchase it in Dublin's City Centre (News stalls) outside Penneys on O'Connell St. and the one directly across from it, or feel free to E-mail Na Fianna or PM one of their Facebook pages and they may be able to get one of their members to meet you if you are local.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

SAOIRSE Monthly Newspaper now on sale.

The January 2014 edition of SAOIRSE: Irish Freedom the Voice of the Republican Movement is out now and will be distributed by all groups affiliated to the Republican Movement including Na Fianna Éireann.
Don't sell out to Stormont or Leinster House, support the voice of revolutionary republicanism. 

Subscribe today.  Subscription rates per year are €30.00 and it is available from;

SAOIRSE - Irish Freedom,
223 Sráid Pharnell, BÁC 1, Éire.
Teil:  872 9747